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Roger Bouchard's 20+ Years Experience As A Hamilton County Magistrate Makes Him A Powerful Advocate For Anyone Accused Of DUI – OVI. Reach Out By Our Contact Form, Phone Call Or Text Message. If You Don't Reach Me Right Away, Do Not Worry, I Will Get Back To You As Soon As I Am Able.

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    Cincinnati's compassionate and experienced DUI/OVI attorney, Roger Bouchard, offers free and confidential consultations. Call Roger today and you will get immediate answers about your situation. No matter how serious your OVI charges, you get the best outcome possible with Mr. Roger Bouchard by your side. Roger fights aggressively for each and every client, and truly gives the personalized attention you deserve. Experience the difference by talking with Roger today!

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    I am attorney Roger Bouchard and I would like to discuss your situation of pending DUI/OVI charges in detail, in order to possibly get your charges dismissed or reduced. As the former Magistrate of Hamilton County, I have 20 years experience getting successful results for my clients. Along with that my brother is a Judge, and so you get unparalleled insight as to the most effective strategy to successfully handle and defend your case. 

    With my services you are treated as a family member, from answering any questions you may have, to exceptional and caring attention. My connections and familiarity with the judges, prosecutors and officers over the years goes a long way. 

    Please feel free to email, call, or text. 24/7. The consultation is free, and I will give you an idea of what obstacles and penalties may lay ahead. As an experienced, seasoned attorney with unlimited resources, I will deliver.

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    In many DUI cases (now called “OVI” in Ohio), filing a Motion to Suppress evidence is the first step in getting your charges dismissed. There is a time limit for filing a Motion to Suppress, which makes it important to talk with an attorney immediately after you are arrested.

    A Motion to Suppress evidence is a document I file with the court that alleges a violation of your Constitutional rights. Then a hearing is held where I will delve into the possible violation of your rights, starting with the time you were pulled over. Possible police violations include:
    • Sufficient probable cause to stop/pull you over
    • Sufficient probable cause to arrest you
    • Proper conduction of Standard Field Sobriety Tests
    • Admissibility of the breathalyzer

    If the Judge agrees that a constitutional or administrative violation occurred, then the evidence at issue will be suppressed or “thrown out.”  This could lead to either a total dismissal of your OVI – DUI charges, OR the prosecution is forced to offer a favorable plea negotiation that reduces your charges. 

    The Roger Bouchard Law Office understands the issues involved with applying a Motion to Suppress and has successfully argued numerous Motions to Suppress resulting in a dismissal. Find out what's possible with your case by calling Roger now.



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    Reach out by contact form, phone call or text message. If you don't reach me right away, do not worry, I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

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      Your message is very important to me. Do not navigate away from this page until you receive confirmation that your submission has been received.


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